Powers of Attorney and Committeeships

Life is good. You’re both working, the kids are a bit older now, the chance for some independence and a lifestyle slow down is a pleasant contemplation. Then suddenly an accident or perhaps a stroke strikes and your spouse is disabled, perhaps permanently. You have to do everything: the finances, the housework, taking care of the family. You go to see your investment manager expecting help, but you find out you can’t access your spouse’s accounts. What are you to do?

If you’re fortunate and had done some planning you would have a power of attorney. You get it out, you’d go back to your investment manager and you can carry on managing the finances and doing the legal things your disabled spouse now cannot do. You are thankful that you consulted with your lawyer and took the inexpensive and prompt step to getting a power of attorney.

But even if you have no power of attorney, all is not lost. You can consult with your lawyer and apply for a committeeship (essentially a court appointed power of attorney) to give you the legal authority you need.

Our firm can help in both of these situations. The committeeship is much slower and more expensive, so the Power of Attorney is the preferable route. Consult with us for any questions, you may have or to assist you in using your Power of Attorney or Committeeship Order.